JDC Line 500

The JDC Line is the new Hybrid highlight Product from GLP and combines a powerful strobe line with a never seen powerful LED pixel mapping device. There are a lot of Pixel-Mapping/Video-Sticks in the market but they all just offer the brightness of a typical video stick and the pixelpitch always has black areas between the pixel segments. The JDC Line is completely different and offers a much brighter RGB Pixel mapping effect mixed by a special 500 mm lens tube which gives great look and new design options.

The pixel sements of the JDC Line measures The pixel sements of the JDC Line measures 25 mm in width. The segments are seemless next to each other, so that there are no blackout areas between the pixels. A super highlight feature: Each pixel segment can be split into upper and lower part which gives additional creative options. The second part of the fixture is a powerful strobe tube, well known from the JDC center beam LEDs. The JDC Strobe LEDs emit into the same lens tube as the RGB Pixel Mapping LEDs and also offer a segmentation of 25 mm for stunning dynamic effects. The idea to emit the powerful strobe and the RGB Pixel mapping output through the same lens tube creates a very nice look and avoids seeing ugly separate LEDs or light reflections from white face LEDs.

The smart rigging accessories such as rigging bracket and alignment bracket provide a convenient handling of the product. The smart rigging accessories such as rigging bracket and alignment bracket provide a convenient handling of the product. Using the alignment bracket, multiple devices can be easily mechanically connected together while the rigging bracket allows an installation of rigging clamps on the top, button, and back side of the product. A clever airflow design allows the cooling of the fixture also when lying on the ground, installed between objects or on top of each other.

Light Source
Type White Strobe LED | RGB LED
Light Source Count 100x White LED, 200x RGB LED
Light Source Lifetime 50,000 h
CCT White LED: 6,600 – 7,100 K (depends on dimmer level); RGB LED: 6,500 K (default, changeable)
CRI (Ra) 78 (White LED)
TLCI 53 (White LED)
TM-30 Rf 97 (White LED)
TM-30 Rg 71 (White LED)
Optical System
Output White LED: 20,400 lm; RGB LED: 42,100 lm
Beam angle 150/64° half peak, 160/70° field angle, 160/80° cutoff angle
Output Lens Diameter rectangular: 464.15 x 22 mm / 19.45 x 0.87 in
DMX channels M1: 16 / M2: 34 / M3: 84 / M4: 47 / M5: 98 / M6: 158 / M7: 38
Control Modes M1: RGBWStrobe / M2: WStrobe, RGBStrobe / M3: WStrobe, RGB Pixel / M4: RGBStrobe, W Pixel / M5: MultiPix / M6: MultiPix Advanced / M7: Multipix Quadpix
Protocol DMX (USITT DMX512-A)
Setting and addressing Multicolor Graphic Display
4 Button Menu Navigation
Software Update DMX link
via DProg
High-Res Channels Intensity
Dimming Curves linear
Fan Modes regulated
Others Splitt Pixel Segments
Signal connection XLR 5-Pin
Power input Neutrik powerCON TRUE1
Electrical Specifications
Power input 100 – 240 VAC / 50 – 60Hz
Power supply auto-ranging electronic switch-mode
Power supply cable US: 16 A, 14 AWG, UL listed, E304117, SJT, 4.9 ft
EU: 16 A, 1.5 mm², H05VV-F, 1.5 m
Fuse T12A 250 V 6x32mm
max. power (@230V) 1,600 W
Power factor > 0.94 / 230 V AC
> 0.98 / 115 V AC
Thermal Specifications
Cooling combined convection and forced air
max. ambient temperature (Ta max.) 45 °C / 115 °F
min. ambient temperature (Ta min.) 5 °C / 40 °F
Mounting Options
Mounting 4 eyelets for safety cable
4 pair of 1/4-turn locks
1 Rigging Brackets with 2 pair of 1/4-turn locks
Orientation any
Location dry
min. distance to combustible materials 0.1 m / 3.94 in
min. distance to illuminated surfaces 1.0 m / 39.4 in
Housing Color Black
Housing Material high-impact flame-retardand thermoplastic
steel metal platess
Protection Rating IP 20
Construction Features integrated handles
magnetic front screen
Alignment Bracket
Dimensions & Weight
Height 74 mm / 2.9 in
Width 1,000 mm / 39.37 in
Length 201.5 mm / 7.93 in
Weight 12 kg / 26.46 lbs