impression X5

The GLP impression X5 is the next generation of high performance, professional LED washlights. Building on the legacy of its highly renowned predecessors, it incorporates cutting edge technology with extensive user input.

The 19 powerful and exclusive 40 Watt LEDs provide enormous power and allow the fixture to penetrate through even the most difficult lighting environments.

The light source at the heart of the impression X5 was developed specifically to offer an expanded and more comprehensive color gamut. Incorporating a brand new algorithm, called iQ.Gamut, the impression X5 is able to deliver accuracy, quality and consistency on every occasion. White points are calibrated perfectly to the black body line and the expanded gamut can be accessed via three different color control modes, depending on user preference. Beyond standard mixing, a virtual color wheel is included with 64 referenced LEE color filters.

Each LED source in the impression X5 can be individually controlled for full pixel mapping effects and a comprehensive effects section is included that has twin layers and many dynamic pattern macros.

Using the new iQ.Gamut algorithm, the impression X5 creates perfectly calibrated white spectrum outputs with CRI 90 at 6,500 Kelvin and the ability to select other fixed white points down to 3,200 Kelvin, maintaining a high CRI of 85+. Color temperature changes to the output – whether in white or color – can be achieved through a separate, dedicated channel. Further settings for comprehensive control are standard and include Magenta/Green-Shift and a Tungsten Simulation mode with 2×5 settings for different simulations.

With new super-fast zoom mechanics, the impression X5 offers a staggering 1:16 range running from a punchy 3.5° to 60° with homogenous light distribution across its entire range and without visible hotspots.

A new front face with a circular design has been conceived to include geometric patterns for great looking effects without any effort.

Featuring GLP’s trademark Baseless Design, the impression X5 weighs just 13.3 kg / 29.3 lbs, and since it is able to rig in any orientation with the X5 Bracket, the impression X5 looks elegant in any environment. The impression X5 has been designed for use in live concerts, television, film and broadcast, theatre and musicals, live events, exhibitions, music festivals, houses of worship and other application settings, and can easily be mounted into set pieces.

Built-in accessory mountings on the front of the impression X5 allow users to easily add front accessories such as top hats or honeycomb shields.

16-bit movement, with speeds that go from silent to breakneck speed, the impression X5 runs through 540°/650° of Pan and 220° of Tilt with full feedback control.

The impression X5 can be controlled via DMX, ArtNet or sACN and has an integrated Near Field Control Sensor for setup and adjustments from a smart device. Also onboard is a GLP iQ.Service Module, compatible with the GLP iQ.Service App, and the new GLP FPO (Flexible Protocol Option) Port for alternative control protocol options.

Additional features include: variable PWM settings, auto ranging power input, multiple performance modes, failsafe ethernet connectors and much more.

With its meticulous attention to detail, output and control, and with the inclusion of extensive knowledge and market input, the impression X5 truly represents a breakthrough in the professional LED washlight market.

Light Source
Light Source Count 19
Light Source Power 40 W
Light Source Lifetime 50,000 h
LED Refresh Rate Low, Optimal (Default), High 1, High 2, Max
CCT Default white point: 6,500 K; optional: 8,000 K; 5,600 K; 4,200 K; 3,200 K
Duv perfect white point matches with low Duv values
CRI (Ra) 6,500 K: 90 | 3,200 K: 85
TLCI 6,500 K: 90 | 3,200 K: 75
Optical System
Output up to 12,500 lm
Peak Luminous Intensity 2 Mcd
Min. Zoom 3.5°
Max. Zoom 60°
Zoom Ratio 1:16
Output Lens Diameter 260 mm
Dimmer 0 – 100%; 16 bit
Shutter Strobe, Pulse, Sparkel, etc.
Color mixing RGB
CTC (Color Temperature Control) 2,500 – 10,000 K
CQC (Color Quality Control) High Output (HO)
High Quality (HQ)
Magenta/Green-Shift yes
Tungsten Simulation 8 selectable curves
Color Wheel virtual Color wheel, 64 LEE referenced colors
Pattern Effects 50 dynamic pattern macros with special effects
Pan Movement Angle 540° normal (650° extended), 16 Bit Resolution
Tilt Movement Angle 240°, 16 Bit Resolution
Pan/Tilt Movement Speed super fast
DMX channels M1: CH24 / M2: CH35 / M3: CH41 / M4: CH89 / M5: CH70 / M6: CH89
Control Modes 6
Protocol DMX (USITT DMX512-A)
optional: Lumenradio CRMX @ FPO
Setting and addressing control panel with backlit graphic display
4 Button Menu Navigation
iQ.Service App
NFC via iQ.Service App
Software Update DMX link
via DProg
Fixture2Fixture Push
High-Res Channels Intensity
Performance Modes fast
normal (balanced)
Dimming Curves linear
Fan Modes regulated
Subfixture Mode Normal
White points Default white point: 6,500 K; optional: 8,000 K; 5,600 K; 4,200 K; 3,200 K
Others Stand Alone 1 captured Scene
Art-Net/sACN Node
Data Conversion
FPO (Flexible Protocol Option)
SW Fixture2Fixture Push
iQ.Gamut Rec.709
DCI P3.65
Signal connection XLR 5-Pin
Neutrik etherCON port A & B (failsafe)
Power input Neutrik powerCON TRUE1
Electrical Specifications
Power input 100 – 240 VAC / 50 – 60Hz
Power supply auto-ranging electronic switch-mode
Power supply cable US: 16 A, 14 AWG, UL listed, E304117, SJT, 4.9 ft
EU: 16 A, 1.5 mm², H05VV-F, 1.5 m
max. power (@230V) 710 W
Thermal Specifications
Cooling combined convection and forced air
max. surface temperature (Ta = 40°C) 45 °C / 115 °F
min. ambient temperature (Ta min.) 5 °C / 40 °F
Total heat dissipation (calculated, +/-10%) 2,500 BTU/hr
Mounting Options
Mounting 1 pair of 1/4-turn locks
2 eyelets for safety cable
M10 Screw Thread(s)
Orientation any
Location Indoor permanent
Housing Color Black
Housing Material high-impact flame-retardand thermoplastic
steel metal platess
Protection Rating IP 20
Construction Features baseless design
prepared for external accessories (Egg Crate; Tubus, etc)
Dimensions & Weight
Height 402 mm / 15.83 in
Width (across yoke) 415 mm / 16.4 in
Length 290 mm / 11.4 in
Weight 13.3 kg / 29.3 lbs