D8+ Stage Operator 8‑channel Type 1, Linkable direct control with Load monitoring and switch-off function for 8 hoists up to 1kW, 19″ steel-sheet housing 4RU, 7″ Touchscreen 16:9 display, Integrated web server, Integrated backup operation mode, Selection switches in front side and switch for backup mode, Rotating field monitoring, Phase monitoring, Emergency stop contactor with monitoring, Input CEE-32/5 with phase reverse plug, Output 2x B16 for 4 hoists, Input load measuring cells 2x XLR‑7, Analogue Input 4–20mA with 12 Bit, Ethernet Output,Linkable via Ethernet/Control cable for Start, Go and E‑Stop functions, USB Connector for data backup. Software functions (excerpt): Display of load values, Display of Over/Underload, Display of caution signals, Display of general failures, Password management forusers and administrators, Failure log book, User log book, Import of plans & drawings, Load group setting with coloured caution signals, Evaluation and display of total/net/tara values, Data transmission monitoring, Top view and load diagram view
Available remote controls, Remote Control Basic without Touchscreen, Remote Control with 7″ Touchscreen, Remote Control with 17″ Touchscreen, Radio Remote Control with 7″ Touchscreen, Remote Controls not in scope of delivery