Room concepts are becoming increasingly multifunctional and, not least, lighting must adapt to this new flexibility. This presents conventional lighting systems with new challenges more and more often. Lighting concepts can be completely different depending on the use of the room, the time of year or even the time of day, but cannot be adapted due to the lack of flexibility of the lighting systems. One moment, accent lighting is sufficient and the next, a completely different lighting scene is desired. In museums, for example, exhibit positions are changed spatially or occasional customer events are held to which the lighting needs to be adjusted. In the catering trade, normal catering during the day and then a customer event in the evening. Or in meeting rooms, sometimes a lecture followed by a panel discussion. The number of application examples for multifunctional room and lighting concepts is constantly growing, and with it the need for a flexibly adaptable lighting system.

This is precisely why GLP, in cooperation with Zumtobel, has combined its expertise in event technology and professional architectural lighting to develop the AGILIO product series. With a high-quality white light LED source and very high colour rendering, the new multifunctional washlight is the perfect choice for flexible lighting tasks involving sensitive objects. The specially calculated zoom optics of the head-mounted fixture provide a very homogeneous light field that can be motor-adjusted from narrow to wide. This allows lighting tasks to be carried out with exactly the amount of light required and at a perfectly adjusted beam angle. In addition, the spotlight can be motorised in the swivel and tilt directions so that it is up to any lighting task. Gone are the days of manual spotlight adjustment on the ladder. Especially in multifunctional applications such as trade fairs, gastronomy, shops and retail, there are not only endless possibilities – the AGILIO offers enormous savings potential thanks to its motorised flexibility, making it particularly economical. Potential savings in personnel costs and lifting platforms as well as time savings make it possible for the AGILIO spotlights to pay for themselves in a very short time. The special design was developed by the renowned luminaire manufacturer Zumtobel and, like all other products made by Zumtobel, has been specially adapted to the design requirements of the architectural market. In addition to three different light source colour temperatures of 4,000, 5,700 and 3,000 Kelvin, the AGILIO is available in two control versions. The first version is the AGILIO CRMX / iQ.Mesh, which can also be controlled via the standard Lumenradio CRMX protocol, which allows DMX data to be sent wirelessly to the unit. This type of control is perfect if the unit is to be integrated into an existing DMX network or show setup.

The second version is the AGILIO DoP / iQ.Mesh, which can additionally be controlled via the new GLP DoP technology (DMX over Powerline). GLP DoP technology makes it possible to use any existing powerline or busbar system without laying an additional data line or using a data bus that is already in use. With this technology, the DMX signal is simply modulated onto existing power lines and immediately evaluated by the spotlight. Thus, this system can easily be retrofitted into any existing power system.

Both versions also offer control via GLP iQ.Mesh technology, where the spotlights can be conveniently set up and controlled via the AGILIO smartphone or tablet app available free of charge for Android or iOS.

Light Source
Type White Light LED
Light Source Power 100 W
Light Source Lifetime 50,000 h
CCT 4,000 K (standard); 3,400, 5,700 (on request)
CRI (Ra) 95+
CQS 90+
TLCI 90+
TM-30 Rf 90+
TM-30 Rg 95+
Optical System
Output up to 6,200 lm
Min. Zoom 15°
Max. Zoom 35°
Zoom Ratio 1:2
Output Lens Diameter 14 mm / 4.5 in
CCT fixture 3,784 K
Others UVA- and IR-free light
Protocol DMX (USITT DMX512-A)*
*via DoP
Setting and addressing DIP Switches für DMX Adresse, DoP Kanal und Addressing Mode
Fixture Settings via DMX and RDM
Software Update DMX link
via DProg
High-Res Channels Dimming
Dimming Curves linear
Pan Movement Angle 450° in 16 Bit Resolution
Power input 3-circuit track adapter (fix connected to phase 3)
Electrical Specifications
Power input 100 – 240 VAC / 50 – 60Hz
Power supply auto-ranging electronic switch-mode
Fuse T2A 250 V 5x20mm
max. power (@230V) 120 W
typ. Power (@ 230V) 116 W
min. power (@230 V) 12 W
Thermal Specifications
Cooling combined convection and forced air
min. ambient temperature (Ta min.) 5 °C / 40 °F
Total heat dissipation (calculated, +/-10%) 410 BTU/h
Mounting Options
Location Dry location only. Only to be installed outside harms reach
Housing Color White
Housing Material high-impact flame-retardand thermoplastic
steel metal plates
Protection Rating IP 20
Construction Features Static-Position at No-Power
Manual Movement Button
Power Trackmount Adapter
Optional Optic Accessories (Beamshaper)
Architectural Design (by Zumtobel)
DIP Switches for DMX Address, DoP Channel and Addressing Mode
Dimensions & Weight
Height (head vertical) 364 mm / 14.4 in
Height (head straight down) 389 mm / 15.3 in
Width (head straight down) 278 mm / 10.9 in
Depth (head straight down) 125 mm / 4.9 in
Weight 4.85 kg / 10.7 lbs